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Qelong is generally well-written and well put together, so why ditch it. Firstly it is a kind of sandbox weird fantasy, old-school wilderness exploration game. What is the problem with that? Well I don't currently know anyone who wants to spend their time on an unfocussed, old-school game. Most people are looking for a time-boxed well-defined experience that delivers on its promises.

So that's my side of why I am not keeping this. The other side is that the book has a South-East Asian theme that is more exotic window trapping that a genuine attempt to create a different fantasy environment based on differing underpinning cultural expectations.

This is a bit more like traditional American fantasy where a culture is strip-mined to make monsters that look and feel different from staples like orcs and the result is superficial and under-whelming. Someone will love this book and be inspired by its random tables and background story of accidental magical environmental corruption. I am not that person though so this is one that has to move on.