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Critical! Go Westerly

Humour is a difficult thing to pull off in roleplaying because it is simply difficult to write something that is universally funny. The rules of comedy might be easy but trying to encode humour into game rules seems almost impossible. It always seems to boil down to essentially entertaining the GM and sometimes the other players.

Critical! Go Westerly seems to essentially to be a regular roleplaying game with one central conceit: that the characters are essentially either charlatans, passing themselves off as adventurers; or unintentional protagonists in the story who, for example, slay the dark lord threatening the realm while attempting to take sheep to market.

It is hard to really get what is meant to be funny since the game itself has conventional rules and the players are meant to encounter all the usual tropes of fantasy gaming but the whole thing is meant to subverted by nature of the characters.

Ultimately the game feels like a setup suggestion and requires all the participants to enter the spirit of the game but this would be no different if the actual rules themselves were, say, Dungeons and Dragons.

"Sit down and let's pretend that we are people pretending to be heroics in the grand fantasy tradition".

The quest for a genuinely funny rpg remains uncompleted.