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The role of adults is cheerfully ignored by the Monsterhearts rules. Most of the adults that feature in the play examples are weak or hostile.  Indie Piers pointed out that adults have much more impact on teenagers lives and deserved codification in the rules system.

I agree; one really important thing during adolescence is deciding for yourself what you are going to value out of the things your parents and teachers have taught you and whether you agree with the values of the society you have been raised in. Since the game focuses on the alienation of literally being a monster it places more emphasis on breaking the rules than working with them. However adults should be there to embody the rules and conventions of society.

One of the most scary parts of our recent campaign was when I realised that my character was in serious danger of being taken into care due to her alcoholic, absentee father. All that teenage freedom and license removed with a court order!