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Dark Heresy

Dark Heresy is a game that should be fun but in practice has been disappointing. After trying the game twice I now feel it has reached a dead-end for my current group and therefore this is a review that tries to dissect a failure to deliver an engaging experience.

The basic premise of the game is that you play the lowliest members of an Inquistor's retinue. This is an interesting situation as you have the reflected power and glory of your boss but you're ability to carry off the authority of the Inquisition is limited. No-one wants to cross an Inquistor but if a few of their servants go missing in a deniable fashion which noble is going to dance for the benefit of a few jumped up peasants?

One of the things I found attractive about the game was the mix of absolute power and relative powerlessness. However this is entirely in the fiction rather than rules.

Being a Warhammer related game combat is a major part of the system and I felt that every session really needed to have some violent conflict in it to really bring all the aspects of the game out. Of course this is at odds with the stealthy, spying investigation side of the game but it helps to perhaps think of the game as a gothic James Bond with really big guns.