Tales of the Scarecrow

Tales of the Scarecrow is the kind of piece that would have once been in a roleplaying magazine or zine. Being a standalone booklet it is at once nostalgic and bombastic.

The booklet basically covers a situation, it barely counts as a scenario really just consisting of a single wilderness encounter.

However it is quite an interesting situation though contrived, essentially involving a trap where the group can enter but cannot leave.

The colour is good with a rich adventurer already within the trap, starving and having succumbed to the temptations of cannibalism. There are mysterious magical items providing false leads as to what the real threat is. Also the encounter cannot be resolved effectively by violence so this is a player ingenuity situation (never something I am much of a fan of but a welcome change in OSR).

I got Tales as part of a bundle and I felt it was a very nice freebie but it is tremendously slight as a standalone product despite the nice production values applied to it.