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Apocalypse World

Apocalypse World has had a massive impact on indie roleplaying, spawning a massive ecosystem of hacks and sub-games. It seems inevitable that the principles of the system will, or already has, crossed over into mainstream roleplaying.

Mechanically the game system is really simple, when a check is needed 2d6 are thrown with modifiers as applicable. If the result is a six or less then the MC makes a hard move against the character. If the result is 10 or more then the player achieves their outcome without compromise. Anything else results in a compromise between the player and the MC, usually with the PC maintaining agency. The most common compromise mechanic is a list of qualities: safely, efficiently, effectively, successfully, from which the player must choose a small subset. One of my favourite examples of this is a stealthy infiltration compromise that read: choose one: you aren't noticed, you get in.

The three possible outcomes are sometimes describes as miss-partial hit-hit.