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White Dwarf

The Best of White Dwarf Articles Volume II

The anthologies are in some ways the best way to enjoy the historical White Dwarf. Unfortunately in this case it purely is of historical interest as most of the articles involve either crossing-over information from wargaming and repurposing ideas from different genres and fiction or extending existing game systems along the lines that already existed. This was the great era of creating spells, monsters and classes and then moaning that the new content wasn't balanced or didn't work well with the canon material.

All interesting to the historian but relatively useless now that most of the rules systems the content was created for are defunct in their historical form.

In a pre-internet era there was actually value in trying to describe, document and list books that would be suitable as sources of inspiration. Content is pulled from Vance and Tolkein, Henlein and Le Guin because most of the readers didn't have access to large library of marginal fiction. It wasn't a better time.