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The Roslof Campaign

This campaign aims to provide a dungeon crawling sandbox. It features a keep (Roslof Keep) built over a magical dungeon that is capable of renewing itself and regenerating treasures and monsters. The Keep is home to several groups who own the magical means of entering the dungeon and fund "companies" of adventurers that explore and exploit the dungeon below them.

The Keep itself is isolated and therefore limited in terms of population and supplies with most of what is recovered from the dungeon going elsewhere in trade.

The PCs are meant to be a bunch of misfits running from trouble or looking for a second chance. They are invited by one of the magical banner holders, who had previous been a recluse following the death of his wife, to form a new company. The meta-story arc being about the political scheming to deprive this man of his ownership of the banner. Yes he's a man, yes his wife has been fridged.

The whole initial setup doesn't make a lot of sense but you roll with the general sense of it. Power politics plays out inside and outside the dungeon.

Part One

The first part features a gazetteer of the keep which frankly just consists of adventuring houses and shops for adventurers. The end of the book has monster stats which seems to be some obvious stuffing for length.

The other booklet in the folio is an adventure, or rather a description of the first level of the dungeon. There's no narrative arc to the adventure and the magical nature of the dungeon means that it stays the same between visits, the fun here is figuring out the traps and the trials and replaying them with a growing sense of understanding and capability.

The Folio is beautiful in terms of its artwork and true to its vision of re-creating the module adventure format of the Seventies and Eighties but with a modern sensibility. The extent to which this is interesting to you depends on whether you share the same nostalgia or appreciation of its mechanical puzzles.