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NPC profiles

Issue 76

Queen Galfrey

A warrior queen paladin born during the age of Aroden and whose life has been extended several times. An interesting take on a mortal with an extended lifespan. Reaching mental exhaustion she is desperate to bring the war between the kingdom she defends and the demons to an successful conclusion. She is therefore willing to take increasingly aggressive and risky actions if they seem likely to bring peace. That makes her a plausible patron for adventurers.


A kind of minotaur demonspawn, kind of interesting as the daughter of the demonlord and involved in politics around leading her father's armies but stealing the glory for herself. However no interior life as she is devoted to her demonic father. Nice throwaway line about her mother being a willing sacrifice in a ritual to advance her favour with her father. You'd like to hear more about how that worked.


An almost character-less demon that impersonates people.


A succubus demon lord who is dreaming of becoming a god and therefore interesting for having a broad agenda that requires support from lots of beings.  Kind of interesting to have an evil creature who is not hopelessly obsessed for once.