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The Empty Throne

Often Pathfinder Paths conclude with a battle against some extremely powerful being, demon or god-like being. Therefore it is nice to see this one instead using an alliance of enemies to provide a challenge for the group. There is also the chance to use social skills to spread dissent amongst the alliance, which is nice as these skills tend not to be required after the mid-levels.

There's a little freeform action in the Imperial City but the meat of the action seems to be two "dungeons" in the form of two Imperial palaces, one a haunted refuge on an island and the other being the official Imperial palace.

To be frank at this stage my interest in the Path has started to flag excessively and despite having some interesting situations the number of Macguffins and go-do missions makes for tedious reading. The oni seem poorly used because while individually often interesting, tying them to locations in a pseudo-dungeon makes them feel quite dull and like any other combat encounter to be solved and defeated.