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Jade Regent

The Jade Regent Adventure path focusses on a fantasy Japanese culture called Minkai. A friend of the adventurers discovers that she is the last "true" ruler of Minkai and the group travel across the pole to reclaim her birthright. Frankly the whole premise left me a bit cold. I found it difficult to care about a lot of folklore and culture after it had been through the Pathfinder monster making machine and the basic plot seemed a bit strained. There often seemed to be an emphasis on the flashier, external aspects of the settings. Oni as demon substitutes, ninjas straight out of the movies.

However there have been a few things to like, initially the group are travelling in a caravan and each stage of the adventure allows you to pick up helpful characters who come and travel with you. The adventure series was original meant to follow on from the original Runelords Pathfinder Adventure Path and so there is some interesting revisiting of areas right from the start of the setting.