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Lamentations Crowdfunding

The Lamentation of the Flame Princess blog has a retrospective of James Raggi's insane attempt to crowdfund 19 adventures all in one go.

Vincent Baker did a sterling job of promoting his offering and I look forward to whatever he is planning to do with his very vague outline but the real shocker was the failure of Monte Cook's proposal to get over the finishing line. At the end the offer even included a free copy of the excellent Ptolus.

Raggi to his credit bows to the real power of crowdfunding in that you don't have to second guess your audience. However the structure of the funding options was extremely questionable compared to other bundle funding deals. The convention that has grown up is to do one campaign around a core bundle and then add new content as stretch goals.

Maybe in this case the neo-Darwinist tendencies of OSR worked against the idea of a maximalist business plan and has provided a fascinating insight into the LotFP audience.