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The Queen

The Queen is an interesting skin as they don’t really have any powerful supernatural abilities. The character is all about social power: peer pressure and popularity. You can choose a few moves and add some supernatural colour to your gang but essentially you are going to be working within the core rules and the colour of the game.

Therefore the key stats are Hot and Cold depending on how you want to play the character, I think you need to get one of these stats to three as soon as possible so that you have some stick to beat the other characters with before they develop mind control, illusions and murderous power.

After that the Hollow move Better than nothing seems invaluable as social moves inevitably seem to involve you exchanging Conditions with people no matter how high your stat.

Interestingly you are going to be quite dependent on whether the other characters are interested in high school or not. Unless you are popular in another character’s social circle then you may find you have no way to influence them. If another PC is not interested in your social circles then the only real ability you have is sex and you are going to have go to it early and often.

If you have a good Hot rating I think you want to use it to get as many Strings as you can on the other PCs. Since you are weaker in relative terms being able to set the others experience stat is quite handy for shaping the game into something that is more convivial for your character.

Having to choose a gang before you have a sense of what the other PCs value is a bit tough and you may also need to spend some time with your gang members which feels like a waste of a scene unless you can bring another PC into it.

If your gang holds no interest for the other PCs you might have to bit the bullet and take a new gang as an advance. This feels a bit punitive but if your main purpose is to be a social arbiter then you need to have something that people want to be a part of.

I liked the sleaziness of the Many bodies move and it also allows you to lure in other PCs who might be turned off by your character. Make sure your gang has a decent gender balance, relative to the other PCs if you are thinking about this.