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Monsterhearts is an Apocalypse World hack based on teen horror/slasher films and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

While its mechanics are relatively conventional it does have some nice interlocking mechanics that are worth exploring.


Skins and the supernatural

The skins can be roughly categorised into ones that are mundane with no supernatural powers; ambiguous skins where depending on the options you choose or the way you choose to interpret the skin you can see the skin as supernatural or instead as a metaphor for teenage life; finally you have the overtly supernatural skins where your moves lack any explanation beyond the supernatural. I think it is worth talking before the game starts as to whether you want a very explicit supernatural element to the game.

Buffy for example swiftly introduces the supernatural and things like the Hellmouth and magic are rapidly accepted as a normal part of life. Twin Peaks is much more ambiguous, flirting between supernatural explanations and an eccentric but dark normality.

 Mundane: The Queen

Ambiguous: The Wyrm, The Werewolf, The Minotaur

Supernatural: The Ghoul, The Vampire, The Beast, The Selkie, The Witch