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Dragonmeet 2016 loot

This is in honour of Steve Ellis's excellent posts on all the nonsense you end up with after a convention when you have money to burn. I'm always a bit wary of this coming over as a bit flash but for the most part I was buying obscure small-run stuff from creators so it seems a decent frame for reviewing the current state of the indie.


The program mentioned that this was the year of the Black Hack and if that seems a bit too much it is fair to say that it has definitely had a moment with a Black Hack Kickstarter and then inspiring several hacks and skins in the form of Macchiato Monsters (which does away with spell lists) and Cthulhu Hack. It is nice to see some OSR rules that actually have some interesting game design rather than slavishly trying to recreate the form of original D&D rather than its function.

Troika! is a revival game based on nostalgia for early British roleplaying instead of American, drawing inspiration from Fighting Fantasy and Warhammer RolePlay but similarly trying to catch the vibe of a simple game in the form of a fanzine.

Small Press

  • The Copper Crown
  • The Wrath of the Warden
  • Cthulhu Confidential
  • The Coming Storm
  • Eternal Lies
  • Velvet Glove
  • Broodmother Skyfortress
  • Hunters of Alexandria
  • The complete collection of The Oracle

I try and buy something to support James Raggi because I respect his indie credentials. Broodmother Skyfortress has interesting pulp comic chapter start papers but so far seems to be about killing strange giant creatures. Cthulhu Confidential is Gumshoe for two-players which as a frame I think might actually solve Gumshoe's problems.

All the Pelegrane, Chaosium  and Modiphius products are beautiful, in many cases they are actually more attractive than a lot of the Dungeon and Dragons books, which were my previous benchmark for ludicrous over-production.

The Hunters of Alexandria is a FATE-lite campaign game about Roman's trying to deal with the occult in Egypt (which is also the theme of Osprey's Broken Legions, almost a zeitgeist) which was interesting to me from a rules and background point of view.