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Dragonmeet 2011

This year was mostly about playing games with only a smattering of purchases that can be reviewed some other time. At the Indie RPG tables I ran Spione and Queen of Thorns which were both satisfying as ever (although Spione is a tough game to come to with no narrative style game experience).

I sat in on the Moon Design seminar (which I had previously been told were good) and enjoyed hearing about the work they have been putting into their various books. There was a lot of interesting stuff about the Lunars, the Seven Mothers cult (including an 11 page handout on the cult) and the relationship between Lunar true believers and Dara Happan imperialists as well as Tatius the Bright, the Sartar rebellion and the Temple of the Reaching Moon.

Someone later asked me if I had found the session pretentious. My answer would be that if you treat your source material and fiction seriously and with respect you can actually have a lot more fun, interesting things happen than if you constantly keep it at arm's distance and refuse to engage with its metaphysical existence. Being pretentious is when you demand that other people respect your interests just because you find something interesting and deem it worthy of respect. Obviously the Moon Design guys take their hobby very seriously and pour tremendous amounts of effort into what they do. I found their enthusiasm enjoyable and engaging rather than being off-putting. Obviously Glorantha is a fiction and gaming is ultimately just make-believe but I think there is something more than entertainment to be had from a fictional world with such a long history and investment of ideas.