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Dragonmeet 2010

I didn't spend as much time at Dragonmeet as usual this year. A work party the night before meant that I missed the morning game sessions and the one talk I really wanted to attend (about the Moon Design future plans). The word from conventions earlier in the year was that there wasn't a lot of new "stuff" around and a quick trawl around the stalls confirmed that to be true. Interestingly though there were two indie stalls which if you combine it with Leisure Games selection made it feel like a bigger scene.

It was also the place where the interesting stuff was happening. There was still nothing really new and major but scenarios seemed to be where things were at: Transmission for Hot War and Graham Walmsley's Trail of Cthulhu scenarios.

Dragonmeet generally suffers from "decline-ism" but this year did feel smaller in terms of attendance, new releases, games on offer and stalls. This was partly the expectation due to the recession really starting to kick in now but it did feel born out by the evidence.