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Looking ahead to 2017

Here are a few of my gaming intentions for the year ahead.

Games I'd like to play

I'd really like to finally play Undying, The Cartel and The Warren.

These are all games that I've gone really close to pitching or running but each time I've stepped back because I'm concerned that I won't be able to do a decent job of MC'ing or that I need to be more in tune with the source material.

This year for reals.

Also I'd like to play something based on the Black Hack system and I feel like I should try and do some classical roleplaying. Ideally I'd like to play a bit of FATE, maybe in its slightly more experimental form or maybe a straighter game. I also realised that I haven't played 5th edition D&D, and I think I should. I've played virtually every other edition.

Publishing things

This year I want to try and publish some game designs that need external playtesting on Github. I want to see whether it makes it easier or just confuses the hell out of people.

I also want to try posting some essay-style pieces to Medium and see what it is like as platform for myself. Let me know if you're already on Medium.

I would also like to produce at least one paper zine this year. I don't think it will be anything experimental. I'd just like to go back and do something physical again.


It feels like the big theme of the year ahead here at the start is campaigns.

I received Unbound and Wrath of the Autarch just before Christmas and both are aimed at campaign-play rather than one-offs.

Undying would also probably work better as a campaign.

Finally Neil Gow has laid down a massive challenge for the year in the form of 17 in 17 something that feels unmanageable right now.